Why would anyone be offended by being called a “douche?”

Think about it…
For a female; it’s something bought with the intention of going someplace men try to go.
And for a guy; you’re being likened to something that’s destined to go where most men try to get!

So is “douche” offensive?
Depends on how you look at it.

Crap..........(a little HELP for an amazing soul?)

by LucidKitsune

I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle, had some unexpected bills and now my money is extremely low and I still have to make it to payday next Monday… Ugh I hate money so much. I overshot my budget too far and now I’m paying for it (or rather………can’t pay for it.)

I might be doing fast emergency commissions this week. Really in a bit of a sticky situation right now and I need the moneys… ;A;  UGH. Just ugh. I hate to take on more commissions when I already have so many left to finish, but I might have to take some really quick ones. :saddummy:

Fast emergency commissions may consist of small watercolor paintings for $10. These would

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Good news and bad news

by RekaCryistall

Thank you all so much…because of all of you I was able to go to the doctor today and will be able to get my shot tomorrow. I also finally found the willpower to tell my doctor about how I’ve been feeling, not just physically and mentally, but about her too. She intimidates the hell out of me, and I feel like she thinks half what I say is made up and the other half is fake. I told her I wanted to be able to trust her but until we got past that, we could just keep circling each other and instead if being in and out in 20 minutes, I was there for little over an hour. The good news is, it was a very good conversation and we’re now looking into

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Does anyone know how I’m supposed to enable the ability to leave comments on posts here? I can reblog or add a post to favorites but I can’t leave comments or respond to comments left of my posts.

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