Fraudulent User WARNING

by RekaCryistall

:iconwolfraven004: ( AKA Jesse Durett, contacted me over a month ago about possibly purchasing the rights to one of my images. He admitted he had already modified a version of it that he was using for a personal wallpaper for his computer, but he wanted the rights to the original to use as a logo for his Designing / Interfacing business.

This is the image he was after:

I was cool with his proposal and we worked out a price and rough draft of pending legal permissions forms. After all this work over several notes, he suddenly said being a college student had him hard on funds and he would h

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SMILE mission: Please HELP

by RekaCryistall

:icon0-FireLeaf-0: is in need of some serious compassion and support:

She has unbelievable talent and her spirit is just a beautiful as her work.

:thumb443069188: :thumb446906082: :thumb448082619:
:thumb442710144: :thumb443672583: :thumb440216321:

Please help me let her know this and please let others know of her work and that she takes commissions!

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Why would anyone be offended by being called a “douche?”

Think about it…
For a female; it’s something bought with the intention of going someplace men try to go.
And for a guy; you’re being likened to something that’s destined to go where most men try to get!

So is “douche” offensive?
Depends on how you look at it.

Crap..........(a little HELP for an amazing soul?)

by LucidKitsune

I’ve found myself in a bit of a pickle, had some unexpected bills and now my money is extremely low and I still have to make it to payday next Monday… Ugh I hate money so much. I overshot my budget too far and now I’m paying for it (or rather………can’t pay for it.)

I might be doing fast emergency commissions this week. Really in a bit of a sticky situation right now and I need the moneys… ;A;  UGH. Just ugh. I hate to take on more commissions when I already have so many left to finish, but I might have to take some really quick ones. :saddummy:

Fast emergency commissions may consist of small watercolor paintings for $10. These would

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